Trump and Responsibility

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Politics

We have never heard Trump utter the words, ‘I’m responsible.’ That concept is not in his vocabulary. We have however heard him say numerous times, ‘I’m not responsible.’
Remember when Trump suggested to his base that there might be a 2nd amendment solution to Hillary?

Remember that?

And the not so veiled threats to reporters for being ‘enemies of the people’?

Remember that?

And his suggestions to police that it was OK to break the law when arresting a suspect?

Remember that?

And telling his base that he would pay any legal fees incurred if one of his base roughed up a protester.

Remember that?

And how about decades ago, when 5 African-American teenagers were accused of raping a white woman in Central Park, Trump responded by taking a full-page ad in four daily newspapers calling for a return of the death penalty, fanning racial tensions in the city. When the 5 teenagers were acquitted decades later, Trump offered no apologies.

Remember that?

And he wants to take no responsibility for inciting violence, no responsibility for planting seeds of violence.

You reap what you sow.

Actually, I have never heard him utter the words, ‘I’m responsible.’ That concept is not in his vocabulary. I’ve heard him say numerous times, ‘I’m not responsible.’

Last week he finally said it. He finally confessed to be a nationalist. When asked if he was a white nationalist, he feigned ignorance, saying he didn’t know what that was. He responded in the same tone and manner as when asked if he would denounce David Duke and he responded that he didn’t know who David Duke was.

Really? I thought he was such a smart guy??? You really don’t know who the former head of the KKK is, the American Taliban???

Really? Since taking office, it has been documented that he has lied 5001 times and counting.

5001. It’s not fake news because it is all on video. Anyone can check it. 5001 times. And we as a nation condone this.

For the President’s edification here is the definition of a white nationalist, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary; “one of a group of militant whites who espouse white supremacy and advocate enforced racial segregation.”

But even if you are just a nationalist, it does have sinister connotations, including links to the 3rd Reich where it was used as a weapon in their anti-Semitic playbook.

“The book argues that growing extremism in nationalist attitudes afforded a suitable ideological and social background for anti-Semitic activity, as manifested by calls for discriminatory legislation against Jews, the pogroms of Eastern Europe and, ultimately, the Nazi Holocaust.” “Nationalism and Antisemitism in Modern Europe 1815-1945.” By Shmuel Almog & Lyael Maman.

Part and parcel of nationalism is the manufactured hatred and demonization and scapegoating of immigrants for all that might ail a nation. Trump has been beating this drumbeat since the moment he announced his candidacy.

Speaking of immigrants, I stand in awe of the men and women of the caravan who are walking over 1000 miles with their children, fueled solely on faith and hope, striving against impossible odds to reach the promised land, a country by its creed that embraces the immigrant: “ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

The fortitude and the resiliency of the men or women who physically transports their children 1000 miles based solely on the faith that by reaching the U.S., a better life is possible for their family, but more importantly, a better life is possible for their children. The courage, the love, the shear will power that must reside in the souls of these immigrants is truly an inspiration.

I am humbled by their courage. These are the people I would want in my country, in my town, on my street, in my company. These are the people who make a country great: it takes unbelievable courage and stamina to walk 1000 miles toting your kids, fueled by the vision as set forth by our Founding Fathers—FREEDOM. And they keep walking, despite the resistance, despite the odds, the uncertainty, despite Trump sending 5000 troops to the border, armed to the gills, ready to do battle against a mother holding a one-year old child.

Will we once again separate children from mothers and fathers? Can’t we as a nation stop separating families? We saw that movie during slavery and when Jews were herded to the camps.

Can we just stop that as a nation?


Trump has labelled these freedom seekers criminals and drug dealers. Really? Hate to break it to you: drug dealers and criminals don’t walk 1000 miles for anything. In case you haven’t heard, criminals and drug dealers are lazy and are cowards. They always take the easy route and the easy route is never a 1000-mile odyssey with 5000 hostile troops waiting at the finish line.

The greatness of America was forged through the soul of our immigrants, (even through the immigrants who didn’t enter through Ellis Island, African-American immigrants), Alexander Hamilton, a homeless immigrant from the Caribbean, being one of the first who had a profound impact on our nation. Immigrants build this nation, build this economy, found cures, invented technological breakthroughs, fought in our wars to preserve our freedom, build the roads, designed our cities, designed and build our skyscrapers, enhanced our culture, build enduring monuments to Capitalism. Our greatness has always manifested itself through the hearts and souls of our immigrants.

It would be shortsighted of us to deny a whole generation of people who would embody the ideals of America as set forth in our Constitution, whose children might find a cure for cancer, or world peace, or compose a symphony that could stir the souls of our citizens. America is a nation of immigrants. They build this country into the most admired experiment in democracy in the world. Denying our soul, our history, our ancestry, dilutes our strength as a nation, poisons our humanity.

Until about a week ago, this caravan was labelled immigrants. They are now being labelled “invaders” by Fox News, the administration’s propaganda arm, a label parroted now by our President. The more you can dehumanize, demonize, the freedom seekers, the easier it will be to enact violence and suppression toward them, including the infants.

Dare I mention Pittsburgh? Dare I mention the pipe bomber?

One might ask, ‘well, what are you going to do with all these immigrants’? Well, you just figure it out. It ain’t rocket science. It reminds me of the story when our Dust Bowl refugees descended on labor camps on the West Coast, emaciated and starving, and the question was asked, ‘how are we gonna feed them’? Someone answered back and said, ‘you just feed them.’

And they did.

There is a tremendous power in a group when it embraces humanity.

Same thing with the caravan refugees, fleeing suppression and starvation: you embrace them, help them, for they are the future citizens of this great nation, infusing our culture with their souls as they work to create a better life for their children and in so doing strengthen the fabric of America.


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