Racism and Racehorse Theory, What’s Your Line in the Sand?

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Politics

As Trump’s layers of racism has been striped over the years, what has emerged is the foundation upon which his racism arises from. He believes he has superior genes, springs from superior stock. He believes in the ‘racehorse theory’.

To all my Trump friends and enablers, where is your line in the sand?

After my last post, calling out the President for his endorsement of white supremacy, my Trump friends doubled down on his increasingly blatant racism. Their main counter argument was basically, ‘Biden’s a racist’.

Really, and that’s your argument?

But I have to ask again: what is your line in the sand? If he murdered someone on 5th avenue, would he still have your support?

Where’s the line?

This is the same guy who called NEO-NAZIs ‘very fine people’.

Where is your line in the sand?

As Peter Seager once sang: “Which side are you on boys? Which side are you on?’

If you are a white supremist, or endorsed white supremacy, just say it. It’s OK. Be honest; you’ll feel better. Don’t let your argument be ‘Biden’s a racist.’ Fly your colors; have the courage of your convictions. Martin Luther King once said that the most pernicious, hateful racism he ever encountered was in the North. It was insidious, hidden, but violent. In the South there was a certain honesty about their racism; it was blatant; you knew where you stood: challenge, protest, or question the institutional racism and they would hang you. Date a white girl and they would hang you.

But you knew where you stood.

As Trump’s layers of racism has been striped over the past four years, what has emerged is the foundation upon which his racism arises from. He believes he has superior genes, springs from superior stock. He believes in the ‘racehorse theory’. Seema Mehta, LA Times:

“President Trump has alarmed Jewish leaders and others with remarks that appeared to endorse “racehorse theory” — the idea that selective breeding can improve a country’s performance, which American eugenicists and German Nazis used in the last century to buttress their goals of racial purity.”

“You have good genes, you know that, right?” Trump told a mostly white crowd of supporters in Bemidji, Minn., on Sept. 18. “You have good genes. A lot of it is about the genes, isn’t it? Don’t you believe? The racehorse theory. You think we’re so different? You have good genes in Minnesota.”

“This is at the heart of Nazi ideology… This has brought so much tragedy and destruction to the Jewish people and to others. It’s actually hard to believe in 2020 we have to revisit these very dangerous theories.”

Trump touts his genes, his breeding, and per the first debate, how smart he is. Well, he inherited 34 million from his father and parleyed that into six bankruptcies.

How smart is that?

He doesn’t believe in science, and per his pandemic performance, he thinks global warming is a hoax.

How smart is that?

But his whole persona is based on a false, debunked, racist, eugenics theory that was used for all manner of horror, including Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

“Vulgar it may have been, but to the race theorists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries it was irresistible: if a person could attribute his virtues to this pedigree, he was beyond challenge. The obverse was an even more powerful notion, for without the proper pedigree a man was ipso facto inferior” The Guarded Gate by Daniel Okrent

‘Racehorse theory’ has some ugly footprints. Mahta:

“Initially used for horses, the theory was ultimately used to justify selective breeding of people, including forced sterilization laws that were on the books in 32 states and used in some of them up through the 1970s.”

“You can absolutely be taught things. Absolutely. You can get a lot better. But there is something. You know, the racehorse theory, there is something to the genes,” Trump told Larry King on CNN in 2007. “And I mean, when I say something, I mean a lot.”

And my Trump friends say he’s not a white supremacist? How in the hell do you reconcile his embrace of the ‘racehorse theory’ and saying he’s not a white supremacist?

Can’t wait for the retort, but please, please, let not your argument be ‘Biden’s a racist’!

Spare me that!

“Three years later, he told CNN that his father was successful and it naturally followed that he would be too: “I have a certain gene. I’m a gene believer. Hey, when you connect two racehorses, you usually end up with a fast horse. And I really was — you know, I had a — a good gene pool from the standpoint of that.”

And if you still don’t believe that Trump embraces the racist eugenics gene theory, well, we have Don Jr. himself chiming in.

“Like him, I’m a big believer in racehorse theory. He’s an incredibly accomplished guy, my mother’s incredibly accomplished, she’s an Olympian, so I’d like to believe genetically I’m predisposed to better-than-average,” Trump Jr. told Michael D’Antonio in a 2014 interview, according to a transcript provided by the author.

Can we really call Don Jr. better-than-average? Can you? Really? One thing he did not inherit from his father—the empathy gene.

OK, to my Trump friends, are you still clinging to Trump not being a racist, a white supremacist? And if you don’t feel he is a white supremacist, a racist, what is your line in the sand?


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