Putin, Kanye West, Genius, and Pedophilia

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If anyone is a Communist, it’s gotta be the people who lavished praise on the Republican’s favorite Communist, Putin, the ‘genius’, as Trump calls him.

 Three Republican Senators: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney, recently voted to affirm Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Ketanji Brown Jackson is the most qualified candidate to be nominated to the Supreme Court in the past fifty years.  For this treasonous, egregious act, Marjorie Taylor Green labeled the three “pro-pedophilia.”

Joseph Goebbels once wrote: “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.”

I never thought I would hear myself saying this but…Joseph Goebbels nailed it.

In an article by Cajsa Lilliehook, Republican Sexual Predators, Abusers and Enablers Pt. 23, she exposes Republican pedophiles by listing their crimes. She has close to 700, with no end in sight.

  • 627  “T. Elliott Welch, anti-gay, anti-COVID lockdown, rightwing conservative pastor has resigned after his arrest for child pornography

It is universally agreed upon that Putin is a war criminal; there is no wiggle room on this fact, but that doesn’t stop our former President from calling him a ‘genius’. This raises the question: can a war criminal be considered for genius status? Is it the number of people you kill, execute, maim, or disable, the criteria for determining your place in the genius pantheon? Because Hitler killed six million Jews, does that make him a genius? How about Stalin: he is reported to have killed up to sixteen million Russians during his reign—does that make him, in Trump’s eyes, more of a genius than Hitler, who in comparison had such paltry numbers?

And then we have Trump, who is forever declaring himself a genius. But is he? Can you really call yourself a genius after declaring bankruptcy six times? I’d call that a chink in the armor.  Can you call a guy a genius who stated there are ‘very fine people’ in the form of Neo-Nazis? Doesn’t that speak to an inability to judge character, which could be perceived as a character flaw, hence not a genius, which in turn taints his whole genius status, assuming we all agree that Nazis are bad guys…OK, I know what you’re gonna say: that issue is still in flux among some people, including Fox News.

Then we have Kanye West, who has declared himself a genius—can you actually do that? As far as I can tell, Kanye doesn’t have the body counts Hitler and Stalin possess, although someone should give Pete Davidson a heads-up. But we haven’t talked about Trump’s body counts: remember all those rallies he gave before the election? It’s been estimated that he is responsible for over 75,000 covid deaths during the last weeks of his campaign, due to all those unvaccinated, unmasked, close-quarter rallies. Now these aren’t Hitler or Stalin numbers, but it should give us pause.

Maybe, just maybe, we don’t need body counts to be declared a genius. Gandhi brought the English Empire to its knees with non-violence, no shots fired. Ya gotta admit: that’s kinda genius, kinda gangster.  Not one freakin’ shot. So maybe Putin isn’t a genius. Maybe he should try the non-violent route in his attempted conquest of Ukraine. God knows his rockets, bombs, and atrocities aren’t closing the deal, not to mention the slew of bad press it is generating, despite the fact he declared it fake news…I wonder where he got that idea from.  (As an aside, all three: Hitler, Stalin, and Trump all declared the press an enemy of the people. Just saying—I’m unclear as to Kanye’s stance on all this, probably not good.) Nobody told Putin that people dislike having to leave their homeland, or have their children murdered, or have their cities bombed. It tends to piss people off, and motivates them to resist; fight back. I think Putin views this war as some video game, with no real live consequences.

For years, Republicans have been labeling Democrats, as communists, a scarlet letter they utilize for the purpose of getting elected, and in lieu of developing policies and programs designed to enhance their constituents’ lives. They have now added pedophile (‘pedophile’) to their name-calling arsenal, along with their new term, ‘groomer’. Remember when the Republicans accused President Biden and Hillary of running a pedophilia ring? Let’s be honest here: that would be a time management feat of unparalleled proportions: running the country while secretly running a pedophilia ring.

And here we go again: “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Goebbels nailed it again.

  • 648 “Republican Sheriff candidate Doug Litwhiler stepping down from the race due to being accused of preying on young girls in a Facebook post. It included screenshots he sent to underage girls and was not anonymous.”

If anyone is a Communist, it’s gotta be the people who lavished praise on the Republican’s favorite Communist, Putin, the ‘genius’, as Trump calls him. We know a lot of Republicans are pro-Putin, as they share similar values, Tucker Carlson being their pro-Putin mouthpiece. (Tucker Carlson now appears on Russian TV with his pro-Putin stance featured prominently in their propaganda.)

And then we have the former speaker of the House, Republican Dennis Hastert, who left in disgrace after settling a sexual abuse scandal and is currently serving time in prison for fraud. He sexually abused boys as young as 14. But it keeps on: on Thursday Ruben Verastigui was arrested on a federal charge of receipt of child pornography. Verastigui was an aide to the Trump re-election campaign and was a digital strategist for the Senate Republican Conference and the Republican National Committee.

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.“

So it goes on and on, Republicans accusing Democrats of that which they are guilty, with pedophilia becoming the one issue Republican politicians are running on: not their solutions to healthcare, global warming, institutional racism, rebuilding our infrastructure, closing the wealth gap, etc., etc. At the last Republican convention, the Republicans presented no party platform; in other words, they stand for nothing. The platform they came up with was loyalty to their cult leader, Trump.  Now, with the mid-terms looming, they were forced to come up with a platform, and wiping out pedophilia became their go-to issue. This is the 1950s communist hysteria all over again where people like Joe McCarthy and Nixon tried to root out Communists in every crevice of society, and the hysteria and fear they generated got them elected to office.

Pedophilia is our modern-day redbaiting.

Back to Putin.  When Republicans are not accusing Democrats of pedophilia, they spend their time embracing Putin’s reign of terror.

Listed here are some of the ties that bind Putin and our rightwing brethren. Tom Hartmann: Why is the GOP Siding With Putin? Daily Kos:

  • “Putin runs rigged elections and the GOP is openly working to rig elections in over 20 states.”
  • “Putin trash-talks LGBTQ people and the GOP has put homophobia at the center of their 2022 electoral strategy.”
  • “Putin embraces white nationalism in Russia, just as the GOP does here.”
  • “Putin has “actively cultivated neo-Nazism” both in Russia and “in the United States” while the GOP lionizes Kyle Rittenhouse and embraces American neo-Nazi movements.”
  • “Putin has contempt for the rule of law while the GOP embraces people who tried to overthrow the government of the United States.”
  • “Putin put so much money into the NRA that they’d become, as NPR described the result of the Senate investigation, a “Foreign Asset To Russia Ahead of 2016,” shoveling cash and support to Republican candidates.”
  • “Putin frequently lies to his people about things that are easily disproven…the same as Trumpy Republicans do on an almost daily basis.”
  • “Putin shuts down independent news media, while Trump and some Republicans call media in the US “the enemy of the people.”
  • “Putin attacks science in Russia as Republicans do here in the US.”
  • “Putin promotes a muscular “Christianity” through corrupt preachers who openly defy the teachings of Jesus, as does the GOP.”
  • “Putin’s politicians are funded by rightwing oligarchs, just like Republican politicians are here.”
  • “Putin hates “liberals” and civil rights protestors, just like the GOP (which has gone so far as to legalize running them down with cars).”

One final shout-out to perhaps Goebbels’ greatest hit: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”  The execution of this maxim by Donald Trump in his promotion of his big lie would bring a warm smile to Goebbels, perhaps even a tear, or at the very least,  misty eyes.






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