I believe…

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Art, Culture, Politics

I believe that racism is a cancer that has infected American from its inception, that America will never be made whole until we confront its history, its structure, its perpetuation and its manipulation by politicians who seek to divide us.

I believe that any occupation, vocation, or passion should be done with the viewpoint of changing the world.

 I believe in the power of art: to heal, inspire, provoke, challenge, offer hope and, MOST of all, to connect—to remind us of our common humanity.

I believe that grandkids were put on earth to rekindle the souls of grandparents.

I believe in the power of a smile: its ability to melt barriers; its ability to disarm hate.

I believe that in any endeavor, we should all strive for greatness.

I believe that non-violence is the most militant, revolutionary, and effective weapon to be used against merchants of violence and hate.

I believe Bill Russell is the world’s greatest athlete—23-0 in elimination games, 11 championships, Olympic gold medal and two NCAA championships. Lebron and Michael aren’t even in the conversation.

I believe that racism is a cancer that has infected America from its inception, and that America will never be made whole until we confront its history, its structure, its perpetuation, and its manipulation by politicians who seek to divide us.

I believe the Second Amendment advocates care more about their guns than about the lives of children. I wish they showed the same passion for the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments. Our democracy would be the better for it.

I believe hate is artificial and manufactured; love is natural and instinctual in our souls.

I believe peace can be achieved only by confronting industries of death: the gun industry, drug companies, munitions industry, the military-industrial complex, and the prison industrial complex. This will be extremely challenging given the fact that a lot of jobs are created by these industries, not to mention the fortunes generated for owners and executives. (You can’t tell someone not to provide for their family.) It will have to be done on a gradient scale, but it can be done: we sent a man to the moon, didn’t we?

I believe having kids is a soul-enriching gift that enhances ones’ humanity.

I believe being married to the same woman for 39 years is an answered prayer, that 39 years makes a love richer, deeper, stronger, nourished by a shared history of struggles and triumphs. It also helps to marry the right woman.

I believe in the music of John Coltrane, and its ability to inspire and to heal.

I believe we are surrounded by little slices of heaven:

  1. Sunday morning, comfortable chair, with the Sunday paper and a cup of coffee
  2. A belly laugh from your wife or husband
  3. Getting a yes
  4. First crush, first kiss, first date, first love
  5. A baby walking for the first time
  6. The smile of an infant
  7. The joy of helping
  8. The restorative power of helping
  9. A hug
  10. Smile from a stranger
  11. First day of spring, sitting on your back porch, the sun massaging your body
  12. Last day of school
  13. Getting the job
  14. Making the team
  15. Waking up on a Saturday morning and suddenly realizing there is no school
  16. A parking spot opening up in downtown Boston, almost like the gates of Heaven swinging open, which I believe to be glorious, but pales when compared to an open parking spot in Boston

I believe in the integrity of Robert Mueller.

I believe that tearing down Fenway Park would be the equivalent of destroying the Vatican or dismantling the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Many a prayer has been whispered on that sacred baseball ground, many a tear has been shed, and many a soul has sung in ecstasy.

I believe in our democracy, a beacon that is the envy of the world, whose foundation is only as strong as our citizen’s participation.

I believe that once Republicans stop their campaign of sabotaging citizen’s right to vote, it will usher in a new era of democracy that will truly transform our country.





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